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5 Tips To Be The Best Version of Yourself- Self Improvement Tips

by Team Tenangles
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Be The Best Version of Yourself

No one is perfect often; we hear this and say it. When somebody accuses us with, or we do it to someone, for not executing something flawlessly, this line comes up in mind. However, when this line is a universal truth, let’s find out why. We all want to be perfect and then be okay with it. However, life resembles change in itself, and to endure and indulge in that change and make it work in your favor, you need to improve yourself for the better constantly.

No one can ever be perfect because there is an abundance of opportunities to develop yourself. In our society, women have always been deprived, and thus, most of us either silently believe what others say we are, or a chunk of women become rebellious without knowing what is right and what is wrong for them. In this quest, hardly a few women can only discover their true self and enhance themselves for being the best version of themselves.

Here are five self improvement tips that you can implement for being the best version of yourself that you will be proud of even if no one does.

Learn to Love Yourself

Often people say no man can love hard as a woman, which is quite true. However, most women know how to love and care for others, even at the cost of their own happiness and life. If you are doing that for the right person, congratulations, you are blessed, but if not, it is high time to prioritize yourself first and start embracing yourself.

You need to be comfortable with the person you are and make yourself better for yourself. When love is almost a fairy tale in today’s generation, you got to love yourself and be proud of that.

Don’t Compromise with Your Food

Did your classmate or colleague call you fat, and you have to starve yourself for losing weight for that? Stop doing that immediately! Are they making or buying you the food? No, isn’t it? Then why skip your meal for them? Plan your diet according to your body and health needs. If your health needs cutting down particular food from your meal, don’t you starve yourself for others?

Have Your Own Goals in Life

Often women’s goals are surrounding their family – making their parents happy, having a child for the sake of happiness of the in-laws, being in shape for their husband, and making their children established. Though these goals are nothing wrong, women have no goal for themselves.

They want to do everything for others. If you are such kind, set some goals for yourself. Whether walking half an hour a day or setting up a boutique of your own and being financially dependent, anything but set it and get it there. Once you set goals, you will feel motivated to achieve them, and once you do, you will feel confident in yourself, which can make you a better version of yourself.

Learn Something New

Wanted to be a singer or a dancer? You might not become as famous as Lata Mangeshkar or Saroj khan starting now, or you may, depending on yourself. But what is more important is to start doing what you want to do or love to do. Learning something new enhances your brain and mood and sets you apart from many others who still live their lives on the sideline.

Learn to Embrace Failure

Have you failed in your new business venture? Failed in cooking the food that your child wanted or failed to make your husband happy? Wait, before you dig yourself into the hole and start thinking that you are suitable for nothing, read the first line of this article again. So, no one is perfect.

And if no one is perfect, then failure is natural. Embrace it, learn from it and move ahead with the lesson to be a better version of yourself.

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