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6 Best Exercises For Women To Reduce Excess Body Weight

by Team Tenangles
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Are you looking for some instant solution that will make the extra fat on your stomach or thighs disappear? Do you want to again fit into that gorgeous black dress that you have repurchased a long time back? If yes, then the first thing you need to know is that there are no shortcuts to weight loss. Since weight loss is not magic that can happen with a strike of a stick, you need to be mentally prepared and determined to lose weight through rigorous hard work.

Women often find weight loss difficult due to various reasons like no physical work, stress, and health conditions like PCOD, etc., which restrain them from losing weight. However, one long-term and sustainable solution to your weight problem is exercise.

Here are six such exercises that can help you lose those extra pounds and make you feel confident and fit again.


Zumba has been gaining immense popularity today as women are more in doing this form of exercise than regularly hitting the gym. This is a fun way of exercising, which has a significant effect on your body as this helps in burning those calories in excess in your body and turns to fat.

This also helps in reducing the stress level as you listen to music and dance. Zumba is a perfect exercise for sculpting the body as it has both high-intensity movements and heavy workouts.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is another best way of losing your excess body mass. In this, you have short periods when you have to put your maximum effort and exercise, and then you will have to take a break for recovery of the body muscles, and then again, you work out intensely for a period.

So, here interval means you are exercising intensely during that period and slows down for a more extended period with light exercises, and that’s how your fat-burning process gets quicker and helps in losing weight quickly.


You can burn around 150 calories a day just by walking briskly for half an hour, isn’t that great? Sometimes walking is not considered a form of exercise, but it is an excellent exercise for those who want to hit the gym, or their timing doesn’t match with gym timing.

You must start slow and increase the number of days and the time you are walking. You can walk anytime during the day and even after having dinner and completing all your day’s work. This is a great way to lose weight and control it forever.

Strength Training

If you have a misconception that strength training only adds mass to your body, then you must know that it helps in boosting your metabolism and helps in burning fat efficiently at the same time. For women, it is as important as a man to have strong muscles, and when your muscles grow and develop, generally, there is less space for those extra pounds in your body.


Often women are only concerned about their belly fat and ignore the excess fat on their butt and thighs, which are equally important to lose. Squats help get a perfect body shape as it helps reduce excess fat from the thighs and the gluten. There are various squats like jump squats pistol squats which you can alternatively practice to get and retain a great body shape.


If you are looking for a complete exercise that can burn around 600 calories in just one hour, you must join your nearest swimming club. Like walking, swimming is not often taken seriously as a workout process to lose weight. However, research and studies have proved that swimming is extremely effective in toning your body while reducing the extra fats. For women, it is essential to take care of themselves as they need to take care of the family. Remember to keep your body fit and in proper shape is vital for being healthy.

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