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6 Easy Tips To Lower Stress Levels for Working Women

Tips to Manage Your Stress

by Team Tenangles
Reduce stress tips

In India, women are taught to control their anger to be sensitive and calm from childhood. Being female, you have to be polite and silent even if you are anxious, angry, or full of hatred; our society has mandated these rules for women. However, with changing times and women getting out of their comfortable ‘uncomfortable zone’ and stepping into the working arena, women realize that they need to be calm and take it within this patriarchal society.

Whether at home or the job, a woman deals with stresses that are more than their male counterpart in most cases. However, the working women who aim for the sky and do not want to let her down or compromise face the pain more. So, if you are stressed because of work pressure, the time has come to manage your stresses and reduce your anxiety levels so that you can give a tight slap on those faces who dares to stop you.

Don’t Let Stress Take Over You: Get Moving

Yes, you read it right; the first step is not to let the stress take your toll. You might be wondering how come this point tops the list when you are already under stress and want to manage it. It is the first step to reduce your stress level because more stress will hover on you if you are stuck due to being stressed.

On the other hand, if you get yourself moving even when you are stressed, your time will be invested in doing fruitful things, and in turn, some of your stresses may reduce. You can also get the avenue to think and explore more, reducing your other stresses. So get yourself Movin’.

Had to Stress Due to a Hangover

Sometimes hangover need not mean only due to alcohol consumption, and it can be due to any caffeinated beverages, whose overdose can give you a solid stress level surge. Don’t worry, have a few glasses of water. Isn’t that an easy solution? I hope you weren’t stressing yourself finding this solution as well!

Boast Yourself

You haven’t realized the full potential, and thus you need to say to yourself loudly that if ‘I can think it, I can do it. No one else can boast you up rather than you when stressed. If you are stressed about deadlines and work pressure, give yourself a little break, think it over, and you will find a new solution.

Breathe and Feel the Nature

Some physical activity that can help you relieve your stress can be really helpful. Yoga or going to the place of your choice for a change can bring you back fully energized. So go out for breath and ask yourself what you want for yourself.

Listen to Yourself

Many people would love to manipulate you in the workspace and call it guidance. Stop listening to them, oh! Wait, listen to them but don’t follow their guidance. You have come this far, and you can go further as well. Believe what you think and what is right for you and according to you and do what you believe in.

Ask Yourself for Guidance When Under Stress

Even the psychiatrist wouldn’t understand what you want if you do not realize it and ask yourself what you want in reality. When under stress about things or situations, ask yourself which way or what you would want to do in the situation or which thing you would want.

For example, if you are stressed about work – ask yourself whether you want to let it go or get it done and feel accomplished? You’ll get your answer.


Stress has become part and parcel of the daily life of women, especially those who slog at the office and home. However, for reaching your target, you need to reduce your stress level, and also for being healthy, you need to calm down but don’t forget to voice your opinion if you are right.

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