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7 Beauty Products Every Woman Should Keep in Their Handbag

by Team Tenangles

Modern-day women are conscious about their looks and appearance. Whether you are a working professional, homemaker, or college-goer, being picky about makeup essentials is essential. Though not all beauty products are made for your skin, there are some that women should carry in a handbag.

Whether you love to experiment with a new range of cosmetics or are a makeup novice, having a collection of bare makeup essentials is crucial to creating a perfect everyday look. Once you have these essentials, it becomes easier to add trendy beauty products to your collection and enhance your eyes. So, invest in these makeup essentials and gear up for a great look.

Lip Balm       

Though it is a staple beauty product for every woman, many do not buy lip balm. The chances are that you might have carried it in your purse or bag as a little girl. Lips are the most sensitive facial and prone to peeling, cracking, and dryness. Thus, it becomes imperative to carry a lip balm to save yourself from dry and flaky lips. Whether summers or winters, a lip balm is a must-have essential in your handbag.

Also, many girls do not like applying lipstick. Lip balms come in handy as they add a dash of color to your lips. Current formulas of lip balm hydrate and prevent your pout from chapping. You can easily find a range of lip balms with inbuilt SPF to protect your lips.


As your eye do all the talking and express the best of you, isn’t it compulsory to keep them highlighted all day long? Your kohl might get smudged after a few hours or for any reason; it is wise to keep one in your handbag for a quick touch-up as and when the need be.

Choose a Kohl that easily glides on, mainly if you prefer a tight lashes lining. Invest in a formula full of the goodness of Olive Oil Esters, Cocoa Butter, and Vitamin E, and rest assured it will simply glide on. It is always a good idea to buy an ophthalmologist-tested and trusted brand to be used by women who wear contact lenses. This also ensures kohl is suitable for even sensitive eyes.


Mascara is just a perfect way to make your eyes look attractive and sexier. It adds length to your eyelashes, enhancing your overall looks. While most modern-day women prefer applying waterproof mascara to stay for long hours, it is essential to know that removing it can be complex and not a good choice for everyday usage. Buy the mascara that gives your eyelashes the perfect volume and curl.

There is something unique and mesmerizing about mascara. The way it pulls an eye look together says volumes about your personality. It comes in many formulas that thicken, curl and lengthen your eyelashes. Though black is the most preferred choice of women, you can also opt for colored mascara.


Concealer is no less than a beauty product. Even the best-done makeup can start to fade as the day stretches. Keeping a concealer in your handbag allows you to apply it at any point in time. Whether you have to lighten fine lines or under-eye circles, a concealer always comes in handy. Choose a formula that comprises microfine light-diffusing pigments for blurring the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It should also have a smooth consistency to blend in easily and conceal dark circles, fatigue, and blemishes without appearing cakey and patchy.


Face Mist

Traveling through the city or working in air-conditioned offices can trigger dehydration to your skin, making it appear dry and dull. This is precisely where a face mist can come in handy. It softens and soothes the skin helping in restoring the natural balance. Spray it on your skin the moment it starts feeling itchy and taut. Buy a formula incorporated with antibacterial properties designed for allergy-prone and sensitive skin. Face mist adds soothing freshness to your facial skin.

Face mists can also be considered a fluid or a toner packed with essential nutrients needed to retain moisture in your skin. Also, moisturizers and serums absorb the skin in a much better way.


Whether you want to add freshness or a dash of color to your cheeks, blush is the way to go. It is just the right option on days when your face needs an instant pick-me-up feeling. Evenly and properly applied blush can turn your skin’s complexion from washed out to youthful and glowing. Buy a creamy blush-based formula for touch-ups, as powdery formulas can make your skin appear patchy.

Make sure you do not apply too much of it as it might give you a clown cheeks appearance. The fastest and easiest way to bring youth and life to the face is by adding a touch of blush. All you need is a quick swirl on your cheeks.


A bright lip can give your face a much-needed charm and freshness. It is the best way to fix a dull complexion. Lips need your special attention when it comes to applying makeup or otherwise. Vivid lip color is not only a great fashion statement but also perks up the spirits. Also, chirpy and attractive lip color can make you feel dressed when you have no time to apply full makeup and change to evening ear. Lipstick shades such as berry pink, fuchsia, and red never go out of style. Who does not love a lipstick that gives a pigment and creamy finish that lasts for hours?

And, of course, you will need a stylish makeup bag to keep all these primary collections.  Having makeup essentials handy can save your day, especially if you have a sudden meeting or party to attend. So, get going and invest in must-have makeup essentials right away.

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