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7 Biggest Inconveniences of Pregnancy and How to Deal with it

by Team Tenangles

All right, let me start by explaining and insisting so that no one gets upset. Pregnancy is the most blissful and beautiful time. It is the only moment when a woman can feel and understand the miracle of nurturing a new life with all of her body. Along with all those beautiful feelings and magic, some physiology and prose of life can be challenging to tackle during the nine months. That is what I will pen down in this quick read.

Hypersensitivity of Odour

I am unsure of the reason; perhaps the hormones are to blame here. However, the sense of smell becomes strong during pregnancy. Some women could not stand the smell of chapati, and some could not bear the smell of coffee or tea. The sense of smell becomes very strong and sharp during pregnancy.


This is something that most of us hear only in commercials or read in magazines or newspapers and wonder what burning in the throat felt like. Well, you will realize this strange throat burning during the pregnancy and understand why pharmaceutical companies and firms draw a little fire inside the esophagus in the advertisements for heartburn medication. Why does it become difficult during pregnancy? While some say as the baby spreads in the belly, the stomach becomes physically higher, and it is natural for the food to come up, others blame hormones for this.

Some people say that the baby would have lots of hair if you have heartburn during pregnancy with never-ending myths. Speculations aside, I can suggest that almonds can help much better than a pharmacy medication. Limit intake of sugar, dairy, and fruit. So much to eat during this beautiful phase!

Urinary Incontinence

Thank God we are a part of this century where people do not blush or hesitate to discuss urinary incontinence. Until a few years, discussing such a medical condition was taboo. If you think that incontinence is a problem in older women, you should know that even younger women who went through pregnancy have to deal with it.

Most importantly, it has nothing to do with sports activities or fitness. Pelvic floor muscles, loosened and stretched because of the pregnancy weight, are guilty in this case. This is where Kegel exercise can help you. Ask your gynecologist about Kegel exercise so that you do not face this trouble.

Weight Gain

Isn’t it a sensitive topic to discuss? Who wants to gain weight? Well, none of us! However, you start gaining as much as a pound in pregnancy, or maybe more a week. It is natural for women to put on weight during this phase of life. Instead of feeling sad about increasing weight, you can rather choose to be happy as you are all set to welcome a new life.

Word of caution – do not try to don pre-pregnancy outfits. Invest in dresses that would make you feel beautiful irrespective of your weight. Buy something that doesn’t pinch, is not tight, and doesn’t remind you of the larger size.

Stretch Marks

This has to happen, no matter what. You have to accept that you either have a genetic tendency to get stretch marks or not. And, if you do, then there is the only way to get rid of them – photoshop. All right, we all know that laser treatment is available for treating them, but only if you feel like spending thousands on it. That’s a personal choice, rather. I would instead love to pack bags and head for an exotic vacation. You can spend money on super expensive herbal concoctions, creams, and moisturizers during pregnancy.

However, the effect often remains the same – zero. To cease the incessant itching (Oh! Let me tell you that stretch marks not only appear so-so but also itch a lot). And, if you have them on your breast – they do occur as well – isn’t it tough to scratch there. Use comfrey ointment or coconut oil instead.

Mood Swings

It will be no wrong to say that women are generally subject to mood swings. It’s an open secret – it entirely depends where you are in the cycle. It’s different but relatively predictable. If you pay attention to your body, you can easily see when you have bad and good days. But what when you are pregnant? Ah? It is a jackpot, then. A hormonal storm often takes its toll. A wave of euphoria quickly changes into a state of depression, ending with an emotional feeling. And, there has to be no reason for it to happen – all in one day!

And then there are changes in your general physical feelings. Some days you will wake up early in the morning but head to the bed right after breakfast, one after lunch, and the third one before dinner, while there are times when you can do morning chores with lots of energy. It is not much you can do with these changes but stay calm and patient.


While some women complain of feeling sleepy and dizzy throughout the pregnancy, others can barely sleep. Inability to sleep can trigger several other problems. It is very often that women can fall to sleep late at night. Sleeping during pregnancy can be a challenge. While some women sleep a lot, others cannot even get sound sleep.


This post is for husbands. I appeal to husbands – be understanding. Do not feel sorry for us. However, remember that our bodies and we do not always behave the way we wish and want to. For nine months, our body behaves and belongs exclusively to us, and it plays different tricks on us. We try our best to tackle this. Please be supportive and patient.

Ah! One more thing – do remember you are partly responsible 🙂

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