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Biggest Issues and Challenges All Working Parents Face

by Team Tenangles
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Challenges All Working Parents Face

When heroes make sacrifices, history is created. But you know that millions of heroes out there make sacrifices every day, and in most cases, the effort goes unnoticed.

Who are Working Parents

Confused as to whom I am talking about? I am talking about all those parents making sacrifices to make sure that they are for their children all the time. Working parents are those where both the mother and father are a part of a profession and earn a living. The trend of both parents working is increasing today for various reasons, and the trend is prominent all over the world.

Why Parents Work

Statistics show that there are two main reasons why both parents choose to work.

To be Able to Support a Better Livelihood

With the rising prices of every resource and daily usage stuff in today’s world, it is pretty difficult for one person to support a family. As one has to pay bills, take care of EMIs, pay the premium of various insurance and also be able to afford a healthy living by being able to buy quality goods.

If you have a child, you have extra responsibilities to take care of school fees, transport to commute, tuition fees, and many more things. And believe me when I say the expenses increase with time. Therefore, it is almost impossible for one individual to take full responsibility for running a family.

Major Problems Faced by Working Parents

You Always Need Someone’s Help to Take Care of Your Child

Growing up a child is a full-time job, and even if you have taken permission to work remotely, you will need a child care person to look after your kid every minute when you are working at home. If you need to go to the office, there surely needs to be a person around your child.

The woes are that you have to make sure that the person is taking proper care of your kid in your absence and is not hurting the child. Also, the person needs to be trustworthy as you will leave them with the most prized possession of your life for whom you are making so much effort. And even after doing all kinds of background inquiries, there will be moments when you feel anxious and worried for your little one.

You Feel You Are Not Giving Your All

In most cases, when you have to stay away from your child for long for office work meetings as a working parent, you feel guilty because not only are you missing your little one, but you feel as if the kid is not getting enough love, care, support from you which the person deserves.

As a parent, you feel you are missing your kid, and the feeling hurts.

Professional Loyalty is Doubted

As kids often catch various diseases, you have to take leave to nurse your child as a beloved parent. Your boss might question your loyalty towards your profession as he can feel that you can not handle greater responsibilities alongside being a working parent.

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