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Elon Musk Success Story of Founder of SpaceX & CEO of Tesla

by Team Tenangles

Elon Musk Success Story

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors and the founder and chief designer of SpaceX, early investor of Solar City, open AI. In your college days, you would have heard about divergent thinking. Your teachers suggest you think differently and do something different from others.

This guy is a real-life example of it, as it seems like he did scholar-in out-of-the-box things. We watched movies like CON Air, Airline, Air America, United93, and many more. These movies show us all about aviation, but Elon Musk discovered more of it for accelerated transportation known as Hyperloop.

Okay! Now let me tell you, have we ever thought about settling over the moon and playing with stars. Yes, we never have thought of it. Let’s leave because he is already out of orbit. Elon Musk is the best-known CEO of the electric car manufacturer SpaceX (Aerospace manufacturer) with a $500 billion wealth. He has been the CEO of PayPal (an online transaction app). He did so though he dropped out of university.

Educational Background

Elon Musk was born and brought up in South Africa. He got tremendous support from his engineer father and dietician mother to nurture his passion for technology. At the age of 10, he learned programming himself and built a video game called Blastar at 12. As he was different from other children at this early age, he got bullied by his classmates and even beat him brutally once hospitalized.


He did his graduation from Pretoria Boys High School in 1988. Then he moved to Canada in 1999, where he took admission to Queen’s University to avoid South Africa’s mandatory military service.

College Life

As he was facing a shortage of money, he had to work low-paid jobs to survive there. He attended Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania, where he earned a degree in economics. Then he started his graduate program in physics at Stanford University.

Success Story

In 1995, Musk with his brother Kimbal started zip2, an IT company. At the start, the company struggled a lot, but this was when Elon’s journey began to become powerful and successful. Electric cars were considered slow and useless at that time, but Elon wants to change it.

At the same time, he was facing bankruptcy but still invested $80 million in Tesla Motors. In the beginning, cars were costly, so he had to face failure as some of the top TV shows started spreading negativity for his brand, but Elon Musk didn’t give up. He fought back and stood firm. Took some bold decisions fired some employees and co-founders as well.

Elon Musk continuously tried to make innovation and decision-making strategies, which caused Tesla a world-leading company. The company is manufacturing Tesla Roadster 2.0, which will be the world’s fastest car ever. Tesla became the Top World Leading Company. If anyone heard about electric vehicles, they always think of Tesla. It has no alternative in fast-speed cars.


It faced the same failure as Tesla. They launched their first rocket but failed to reach orbit that too three times. He had to spend millions of dollars on every loss. If they had to face one more failure, they had nothing left with them.

But he didn’t give up and tried for the fourth time, and you know what? They got to succeed. Later on, there is no point in turning back. Now SpaceX is the first private company that sends spacecraft to international space stations. At 12, he taught himself rocket science as a regular subject.

His attitude of never giving up brought him to this height of success. Once, Elon said in an interview, “if something is important enough, you should try, even if the probable outcome is a failure.” Later he proved this with his hard work and got success even after facing many failures and became a world-leading entrepreneur.


Elon Musk Net Worth

As of January 2022, Elon Musk has a $266 billion net worth. Musk earns cash-based income on increasing market capital, which the company hoped to reach over the next ten years. He is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and Co-founder & designer of PayPal, Solar City, and the Boring Company.


We people think of failure before even trying, and this thought of failure doesn’t let us put our leg in anything new. Every time you fall, you know you can learn how to get up. Failure is not about leaving things behind without trying.

If you fall seven times, there is always a chance you will stand up an eighth time. So, keep trying. Failures make you learn how things can work in a better way.

When you feel like giving up, it seems like nothing is working, but this is the time when your real journey starts. Remember that you never get scared from failures and always be consistent in chasing your Dreams – you’ll surely get success.

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