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Four Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Summer Makeup

by Team Tenangles
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There is something about Indian summers. There is so much to love about those sunny days. As we jump into the hot Indian summers, paying attention to a few things is essential to enjoy them to the fullest. This is the time of the year when you enjoy barbecues and pool parties. Donning an oversized hat and a pair of OTT completes your look. Isn’t the entire idea sound fun and divine?

We bet some exciting and party music might be playing in your head; however, before you jump off to casual dress, there is one thing you have to be extremely careful about – It’s your makeup girlies. That’s correct summer can be a tricky and challenging time when it comes to wearing makeup. All those hacks and tricks that did wonders all year long can suddenly go wrong in the season, leaving you to appear like a melting doll face if you are not cautious.

However, fret not; we are here to your rescue. We bring a few hacks that can help you get the right makeup this summer. So read on to explore more.

Are You Still Using Winter Foundation?

Just like the weather, your skin also changes with the season. The same texture and color of foundation that made you glow when it was freezing can now start looking patchy and pale under the scorching sunlight. Considering what makeup experts say, tan is expected in summer, so it is in your best interest to pick a sheer formula in a warmer shade. Given that the shelf life for the foundation is three years, you can keep the winter foundation for the next season.

Do You Match Eye Shadow to Your Dress?

Unless you are all set to go to a vintage Barbie theme party, this is not. Make sure you avoid this look, no matter what. The bright eye shadow that matches with your dress can take years from your face making you appear tired and older than your age. Instead, we suggest using a nude or a subtle shimmer and adding some charm with a contrast lipstick.


Though it seems to be a great idea to switch to powder-based products for countering sweat, it’s a significant mistake. When you reapply powder during the warmer months, it starts to look caked, and your skin cannot breathe. The skin gets dry in summer, and powder-based products would only worsen it. We suggest you use a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation and invest in some powder-less blotting papers.

Do Not Skip Your Primer

Weather is scorching hot, and you want to keep it light; however, it is the primer that helps keep the base set in place; thus, the idea to skip it can pave for the uneven and cloggy foundation. Ensure to use a water-based primer in the summer season instead of silicone that dries and suffocates the skin.


All you have to do are embrace four summer makeup tips and look at your best. Remember to use lots of moisturizer at night and sunscreen while out in the sun to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

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