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How to Keep the Romance Alive After Baby is Born

by Team Tenangles
Romance after baby born

For couples with a newly born baby, learning to be a parent takes up most of their time during the first few months of parenthood. There are many books to read and search the internet for parenting tips and laundry chores to do. Baby needs constant attention, as nights are busy with multiple feedings and mornings usually start very early, so there is much less time for themselves. So how do couples adjust to their new lifestyle while meeting new demands and can still find time to nurture their bond while looking after the baby?

Here are five simple steps you and your spouse can take to keep the romance alive after having a child.

Make a date and try to stick to your plan

There are chances that your schedule is busier after the baby is born. Now you have to take turns working, cleaning, napping, feeding, cleaning, and caring for your little one. This means time spent as a couple is sacrificed during this period. So setting a date to spend some quality time with your partner will significantly benefit you, your partner, and your child. This may start as a simple coffee date on weekends when your babysitter or relative can stop by.

If you cannot leave your little one, plan for a special dinner once a week at home after the baby sleep. Take turns cooking for each other or together and set a beautiful table. The whole idea is to spend quality alone time with your partner once in a few days, so that special spark always remains there in your relationship.

Take a romantic stroll during your child’s nap

Try to turn your child’s nap time into a romantic walk with your spouse. The fresh air is good for you and your child. So while your child is sleeping in the stroller, make sure your child is not disturbed by lights or high traffic noises. This way, you both can enjoy a stroll while having an opportunity to talk to each other.

Show your affection

Remember when you used to call each other to say simple hi. That doesn’t need to stop and not the love notes, text messages, or showing your love. Try to do something loving for your partner once a week. This could be leaving a love note on the bathroom mirror or hiding chocolate in your spouse’s coat or handbag. These little acts of love and kindness don’t take a lot of time or effort, but they show your partner you love him and care.

Romance after baby born

Give your partner the day off

Maybe a whole day may be out of the question, but surely you can give your partner an afternoon to have a nap or spend time with friends while you take care of the baby. These simple acts can show your partner that you consider their time and needs. More likely, they will return the favor.

Take five minutes to connect each day

It is common to lose track of what’s going on in your partner’s life outside the home when your child is born. Most of your conversations and attention revolve around your children and not your spouse. So take at least five minutes each day to ask your spouse about his day and have him ask about yours. It would be best if you made this a habit of doing this when you both can give each other your undivided attention.

You must listen carefully without judgment when your partner is talking and try to put yourself in his shoes. You will be surprised to see how this little empathy can go a long way in keeping you both connected.


Time is very precious when you become a parent, and suddenly your personal life seems non-existent. You are often too tired to think of planning anything beyond your child’s next playdate. However, making a habit of connecting with your partner can make the journey of being a parent much more enjoyable.

Your children are exposed to parents who are affectionate with each other, happy to be together and are very much in love. This also ensures that your children have an excellent foundation to build their relationships in the future.

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