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Importance of Healthy Mind for Women-Mental Health

by Team Tenangles

Women in India are found to be suffering from depression without their knowledge. In a survey last year, it was found that over 85% of women in this country are suffering from this disease, and most of them are not even aware of the same. Women in India or any other part of the world have to go through a lot, as we all know. From managing a home to managing work and children, everything women take care of grace. However, they ignore or forget to take care of the only person they ignore is themselves. Mental health is equally important for men and women.

Social pressure, family pressure or work pressure take a toll on women without their knowledge and lead them to depression and other mental health issues without their awareness. Often women are not allowed to take up their desired career choice, which leads to a career they do not like to be a part of, and in turn, silently, depression can take over them.

Similarly, in a family, when nobody cares about the woman’s opinion, she thrashes her. In severe domestic violence cases, the women are found to have severe depression, which they might have no idea about.

Here are why mental health is essential that you must know as a woman of pride.

Prevention From Mental Diseases

With continuous mental tension and irritation, your mind suffers just like your body. Now, if you continuously hurt the most important organ of your body, the chances of having mental diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, depression, bipolar syndrome, and many other problems increases.

If you check on your mental health issues, you can prevent the severe condition of these diseases. Do not ignore if you feel down or low all the time; you might be going through depression. Forgetfulness can be dangerous, do not blame it on just age; it might be Alzheimer’s disease.

You Can Live Your Life Entirely

In today’s time, women live life on their terms, but a healthy mind is mandatory. When you have no mental pressure issues, you can fully enjoy your life and live it on your terms and conditions. For better mental health, it is vital to accept that if any mental illness is there and then only you can live your life wholeheartedly.

A Better State of Mind Leads to Being Confident

Confidence in a person is a complete mental affair. It is all about your capabilities and your aura that makes you confident. Mental illness affects this confidence the most. Depression can change an extremely optimistic person into a pessimist. It is crucial for you to understand when and what is wrong with your mental health.

Though it is a silent killer, a little awareness can save you and your confidence. You will understand when your thought process changes, and that is the time you need to react fast; otherwise, it can be too late.

Better Family Life

It might sound a little against men, but when a woman in-home falls sick, the whole equation changes in that particular home. So, a woman must have her mental health in good condition to maintain her family. If you think you have been drowning in depression, talk to a doctor take professional help.

Provides Boost and Motivation For Work

Your brain controls your body. So, when your mind is active and working healthily, you will be motivated to work all the time.

Better Control Over Yourself

The last but the most important reason for having sound mental health is to have control over yourself. A healthy mind gives you the power to control your thought process, actions, and thus your life as a whole.


It is said that women are the pillars of strength of a family, and in recent times when women are choosing to be independent and single, it is crucial to have a healthy mind and body.

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