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Mary Kom – The Magnificent Mary`s Inspirational Story

by Team Tenangles

Magnificent Mary’s Inspirational Story

Women are born fighters, and they are the real champion of our society. Mary Kom inspires women from India and around the world. Mary Kom is the name the global proud of Indian women.

Belong to a Small City But Saw Big Dreams

Mary Kom’s real name is Mangte Chungneijang, and she was born in Manipur, India, in 1983. She chose the name “Mary” during her professional sports life. During her childhood, like lots of village girls, she worked in the field to help her parents, and being eldest, she took care of her younger siblings. Her childhood and background did not interrupt her success in life. While a student, she showed intense interest in athletes and played many sports like hockey and football, but never boxing.

Boxing Career Against the Will of the Family

Mary Kom’s father was a devoted wrestler in his younger age. But he did not like his daughter to be a boxer. So she started training secretly under coach K. Kosana Meitei in Imphal. At 15, she decided to leave her home to take training from a sports academy in the state capital Imphal.

All these she did secretly from her father as he did not support this because of his traditional thought that she could never get married in that situation. After her success at Manipur Boxing Competition, her photo appeared in the local newspaper, then only her father got convinced of her love for boxing and started supporting her.


Ignored All Haters and Winning the National Championship

The journey of her life is not smooth at all. She went through lots of backtalk and negligence at the beginning of her career. She once famously said, “I had no support, no opportunities, no sponsors, backing me for most of my career but still I prove everyone wrong.” During all her playing career, Mary ignored all the negative comments coming towards her and promised to be the winner, and she proved herself.

Her boxing inspiration was Dingko Singh, who won the Asian Games in 1998 in Boxing Category. From that day, she started to feel the dream and try to fulfill her dream. She was a quick learner and got used to boxing in no less time with the help of expert coaches. In 2000, she achieved her first success, the best honor at the Manipur boxing Competition. From 2002 to 2005, she gained five national championships with five gold medals consecutively. One of her favorite quotes is, “Never buy gold, simply earn it.”

Marriage, Motherhood, and Career

After the marriage in 2005, she became the mother in 2007. She took a short interval until the birth of their twin children. Again, her criticizers doubted her, but the magnificent Mary proved them wrong once more time. After the birth of their sons, she started her training again and gained success in the following year.

She won a silver medal in the 2008 Asian Women’s Boxing Championship despite motherhood in the 46 kg category. In the same year, she won her 4th consecutive international gold at AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championship in China.

After the birth of a child, a woman finds herself defeated in every way and maybe frustrated, but the glorious Mary did not give up. She maintained all those things in proper time successfully. She completed her family within 30 of age and had so many struggles.

Personal life

Karung Onkholer is not just her husband’s name, and he is the biggest supporter of her. She met him in New Delhi in the course of national games.

Mary Kom always says that she got the best gift, her life partner, who understands her, supports her, and always takes care of her.

They got married in 2005, and now they are proud parents of 3 sons.



  • Arjuna Award (Boxing) in 2003
  • Challenger for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2007
  • People of the Year in 2007 as Limca Book of Records
  • ‘Magnificent Mary,’ AIBA in 2008
  • Reliance Industries & CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award in 2008
  • Pepsi MTV Youth Icon in 2008
  • Ambassador of International Boxing Association in Women’s Boxing in 2009
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award in 2009
  • Sahara Sports Award in 2010
  • Decorated as Padma Shri in 2006 for sports
  • Decorated as Padma Bhushan in 2013 for outstanding achievement in sports

Social Work and Other Contributions

Mary Kom opened a boxing academy in her city. The Academy provides training for the young boxers who want to fight as Mary Kom. It is now expanding to other cities also.

  • She supports animal right exclusively and is connected with animal rights organization PETA.
  • She was nominated to the Rajya Sabha as a member of parliament on 26th April 2016.
  • Mary Kom was appointed as a national observer for boxing of the Government of India in March 2017.

An autobiography named “Unbreakable” was released in 2013 by Harper Collins, and famous actress Priyanka Chopra plays the role of Mary Kom in a Bollywood movie based on her life. This headstrong girl fulfilled her dream of maintaining her family and career. Today Mary Kom is a role model for women all over the world.

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