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Most Common Misconceptions About Using Dating Apps in India

by Team Tenangles

We live in an age where technology has turned into a blessing. But, dating apps have a not-so-good reputation and are often used for hook-ups only. We are so eager to use dating apps that we swipe right on the facts and debunk myths about hunting love online. While there might be several facts doing the rounds, we cannot deny that the internet and its apps have brought a drastic change in the way we interact with people around us. Most of our relationships with families, friends, and so have gone virtual. We are connected on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among other apps.

Flirting has taken a new avatar from views memes to likes and comments in the internet age. The advent of dating apps has given new meaning to relationships. The effect they have on our dating lives is second to none. The internet has proved to be critical in so many spheres of our lives – social interaction, communications, and information, to name a few.

The concept of dating has changed drastically. It can never be hope to remain only in the “real” world. Online dating is a new way to interact with people. Thousands, maybe many people, are turning to the virtual space to solve their relationship problems. India is no different either. People are giving online dating apps a shot to look for a partner. However, many people remain hesitant because of misconceptions that might not even be true. If you are all set to dive into the world of cyber cupids, then we are here to help you.

Read on to explore exciting facts about misconceptions related to using dating apps.

Only Weird People Use Dating Apps

You might not believe it; there is a strange misconception related to dating apps – only weird people use them. Like any other cross-section of human beings, you will meet people from all walks of life on such platforms. Instead of judging what you hear, decide who you do not want to connect or meet with.

It’s Embarrassing to Have an Account on Dating Apps

The biggest fear that holds people from creating an account on dating apps is being seen by colleagues, family, and friends. While the concept of dating apps is gaining popularity, the first thing to keep in mind is that people who are seeing you are using these apps well. It is essential to know that dating apps will not leak your profile to the public, so just onboard on dating apps and get with times that belong to you.

No Response From The Like-Minded People

You need to understand – just like in real life, your crush might or not like you. The matches you will get depend entirely on the profile you create. Uploading communicative and accurate pictures and sparing out a little time to like about preferences and dislikes can help you get a response from like-minded people with interests similar to yours.

The Cost and Time Factor

Time and cost are two factors that set most people worrying about using dating apps. The monthly cost of subscribing to online memberships is one issue that haunts many people. Many argue that such apps take a lot of time. That being said time, if you think about the time and money you spend on meeting people, online dating apps and sites are much more effective. Add to it the advantage of interacting with people who do not have the luxury to party at the weekend, and you have an entirely new demographic on your hands.

It’s All Mirrors and Smoke

Yet another popular myth is that people post fake pictures, lie, brag and mispresent themselves. This might be true for some people, only for a few people. Several apps are directly linked to your Instagram or Facebook account, providing access to the real life of the other person. Talk to them ask familiar friends if any is one of the best ways to detect anyone lying.


Using Dating Apps Can be Dangerous

What comes to your mind when you think of meeting a stranger at a nightclub? The fear sets in-is, isn’t it? Contrary to popular belief, online dating apps and websites are neither popularized nor haunted by sociopaths and serial killers. Saying that does not mean you do not have to take precautions or be alert before meeting a stranger; however, talking before and meeting in a public space like a restaurant or pub after informing your friends can ensure safe interaction and meeting with the person.

It’s Not Natural

Most people believe that cyber interactions are not an excellent way to get to know someone. Yet think about it, how can a conversation over weeks not be better than a ten-fifteen minute interaction at a party or bar? The only key to connecting with someone is taking time and getting to know them. In addition, being sober is also an advantage when discerning and understanding the quality of your connection with a person.

Dating Apps Are For One-Night Stands

This cannot be denied that some websites are meant for a one-night stand. However, most dating websites and apps provide a platform for romance and partnership, particularly paid ones. Those who pay monthly fees are unlikely to confuse it. The Misunderstanding might trigger on free websites; however, you can identify and avoid these issues.


A significant section of society comprises people who want to use the internet to end their run of singleness. If so is the case with you, then do think of giving the online dating app a shot. Do not let your misconceptions impede you from enjoying what has become a viable way to play and enjoy the dating game. Who knows, you might even end up finding a life partner?

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