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Simple Health and Fitness Tips, Every Women Should Know

Health and Fitness Tips For Every Women

by Team Tenangles
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To ensure that the structure of a building can withstand all forms of wear and tear, one has to check the foundation and base first. If these two things seem to be weak or wrong, then the building will not be able to bear the shock of an earthquake or a heavy storm. Similarly, the base or foundation of a family’s well-being in human society entirely depends on women’s houses. As a mother, sister, daughter, or wife, a woman takes care of every house member.

They make sure every person’s need is met in time and everyone has a comfortable life. Be it her son, brother, father or husband. It somehow becomes a duty and responsibility of the female member of the household to look after everyone in the house. Women are the heart of the house, and their well-being is of utmost importance. But unfortunately, in most cases, the physical and mental well-being of the women of the house is neglected both by family members and themselves. This negligence starts affecting their health with time, and women face problems that could have been avoided.

Reasons Why women Health Issues Occurs

Apart from negligence, as mentioned above, there are a few other reasons women’s health deteriorate.


In most cases, it is found that the women are facing a certain health issue for a long, but they do not feel comfortable in discussing the same with their family members and therefore deny medical help.

Improper Dieting

To get the figure like models of fashion magazines, most women undertake improper diets, which is not good for their health. This is mostly done without consulting any professional dietitian or the result of random internet research.

Lack of Awareness

There are a few health issues in a woman’s body with age. One needs to be well aware of such changes and take action accordingly. But if you consider discussing your health issue a taboo, then with time, it may cost you a higher price.

Some of The Major Health Issues Noticed in Women

Apart from chronic diseases, a few health issues are noticed in the majority of women. They are as follows:-

Irregular Menstrual Cycle

Besides some physical hurdles, the prime reason for the irregular menstrual cycle is improper diet and too much stress. If you have any such issue, it is a major cause of worry and should not be ignored if experienced for long.

Most importantly, this can affect the chances of pregnancy, and therefore, without any form of inhibition, you should consult with a doctor on this matter immediately.

Reduced Bone Density

The main reason for reduced bone density and porous bone is improper diet. Most women do not pay attention to the nutrient they are taking in their diet. Therefore, their bones become porous and weak in most cases due to a lack of calcium and other necessary nutrients. This can lead to joint pains and the possibility of bones becoming fragile. This is a serious women’s health issue and should be dealt with proper medical help.

Health and Fitness Tips, Every Women Should Know

Get Rid of Stress

Right from your workplace to your child’s school performance or preparing meals, women take too much stress, which can cause many health issues like infertility, higher risks of depression, anxiety, and heart disease. Yoga, meditation or a simple leisure walk can help you get rid of this stress and improve your health.

Say No To Diet

As a woman, you need to understand that you are unique and beautiful in your way. Therefore even if you do not get that zero figure, your loved ones will not complain. Therefore do not jump into a diet that will starve you. Rather get a balanced healthy diet which is necessary as per your body type.

Use Birth Control

Though this does not directly connect to any health issue, it will help you get pregnant when your mind and body are ready for it.

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