The office is a space where employer and employees spend almost one-third of their lives and therefore the office environment plays an important role in growing any organisation.

Good office atmosphere has a major influence on the efficiency, productivity, well-being, mental and physical health of both employer and employees. An office building with a proper Vastu is supposed to bring financial strength, prosperity, fortune and can increase the spirit to work which result in more productivity.

Tips for Success & Prosperity in Business

Office space with good design elements like shape, texture, colour, lighting, furniture, design, slope, the direction of entrance and exit act as signals to inform visitors that the firm is different from other firms in the field, thereby giving them an edge over their competitors.

But if you have already built your office and you have just turned to Vastu discipline, you don’t have to break everything down and build it up, brick by brick, you can learn from the best Vastu tips and get what you have desired for all this time.

The Vastu remedies can certainly be used to improve your conditions without a doubt.

Hygienic Location

A good and hygienic location with clean interiors and the external area is the best key to a healthy office.

Proper Sunlight

The interiors of the building should be exposed to natural sunlight once in a day, so its orientation and design are of the most importance.

No Obstacles

There should be open space and no obstacles placed near or in front of the doors of the office.

Open Space

The central part of the office should be kept empty.


Don’t Sit Under Beam

Try to avoid seating of any employer and employee under the beam.

Reception Area

Office reception preferably located in the northeast part of the office and the receptionist face should be either towards east or north direction.

Air Circulation

The indoor air of the office should be free of all organic contaminations like mold, germs, bacteria etc. and inorganic contaminations like radon, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide. As the quality of the air governs the thinking pattern.

Sitting Area

Executives, managers and directors should be located in the southwest, southern areas of the office. The owner or MD should have a rectangular table and the chair should be fully adjustable task chair.

Canteen Area

Pantry and lunchrooms should be located in the southeast according to Vastu tips.


A bathroom should ideally be placed in the southern and western part of the office building and never in the south western corner.

Accounts Department

The ideal location for the accounts department is north. The accountant should  face north while working and maintain suitable distance from equipments which emit electromagnetic frequencies.

Meeting Room

Conference room should have relaxing and soothing environment.The ideal location for a conference room can be the centre of the office occupied by the space element.

Marketing Department

Marketing department is one of the main revenue generating departments of any office.It plans the execution of the 4 P’s Product, Price,Promotion,Place .

The northwest corner,occupied by the air element,is the ideal location for marketing department.

Temple in Office

If the office has a temple,it should be placed in the northeast portion of the office design.

Office Staircase

The staircase is best located in the south, west and southwest locations.


A healthy office should have the best harmonization in terms of colour schemes,textures,shape,decorative items and paintings.

It must be designed keeping in mind the needs,desires and aspirations of employers and employees. 

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