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Tips for Teaching Your Child to Save Money

by Team Tenangles

Money is an important thing to discuss. People think that it is not worth debating in front of children, but it is not a topic to avoid. To make them saving worthy, they should know the rules of finance and money.

Teach the Difference Between NEED and WANT

Children should be taught that NEED always comes to some steps forward from an earlier age than WANT. The primary thing that we can’t live without or living is problematic is the NEED. So at first always has to go to meet the NEEDS, then the WANTS meeting is a bonus. These lessons help them all over their lives. It is essential to differentiate the NEED and WANT. Your children should have the ability to choose between a curriculum book or a game CD.

Please Help Them to Save By Making an Attractive Arrangement

Children are fanatics of colorful or attractive arrangements. Think for a while, the child not fond of studying can suddenly love it if you give them a lovely table made with favorite character drawn on it. The saving arrangement is also like that. If you arrange them to make a piggy bank or others to their liking, the tendency to save will undoubtedly arise.

Give Some Opportunities to Them to Earn

Earning does not come with pleasure; it comes with so many responsibilities. We have to remember that and help out children to remember that too. So give some scope for earning of their own. For example, you can provide household chores every day and allowances against these. They can know the value of hard work behind earning the income.

Set a Goal of Saving For Them

Then you can help them to spend and save those earning and unused pocket money. Just advising for saving is not enough to keep. You can set a goal for your children to get interested in saving, like their bicycle or anything else. Then they can be more encouraged ever than before to do hard work for getting a thing on the wanted list.

Managing Cash is One of The Effective Ways of Suitable Financing

If you can’t do the cash management for the time value of money, you can’t be a good cash manager. All of us are cash managers who deal with it continuously in real life. You have to track the income and the spending to maintain the present cost and savings. After paying an allowance to the children, please help them keep track of the earnings and expenses by recording them. By keeping records, they can also think and decide how many days they need to reach the particular saving goal.

Give The Feel of Borrower and Lender

You have set the goal, arranged savings, teach cash management. Everything is fine. But things generally happen that your child is impatient with their demand-able things. Then you may do one thing, borrow money with interest and tell them that they can buy the things instantly but opt for a high amount of repayment as the saving is not enough.


The fact is that they have to pay the value of the impatience with the interest amount; otherwise, the exact amount is enough to pay after meeting the saving goal. Thus kids can learn about the patience of spending since childhood that they have to demand the things when they are ready for those; otherwise, items would be more costly.

Having the Example of Saving is a Great Way

Children learn by seeing things. They behave the way you act. If you can show them your saving mentality, their interest can run on. So have a jar for the saved money and put money there every day. Every day, with the bit of contribution, it will turn into a jackpot with time. Thus your children can be interested in saving for the long-term gain.

Communication About Money

Most parents feel it unnecessary or fear adverse effects to communicate about the money. But it works so well beyond your imagination. To discuss money, its value, and saving and investment, the advantages of saving for future profile and stress-free life.

Money Apps For Saving and Investment

Teenage children can have a better option of technology to save money through money-saving apps. These apps help to save and invest money according to different factors. These work by analyzing your saving behavior and goals. Some apps work just like the game so that the account holders enjoy the financing activities.

Various apps have brought distinct functions for the criteria of savings. You can download any of those on Android or iPhone and use those effectively.


Openly discuss the activity of money in human life, its honest and wise usage to have a secured life with all the enjoyment in all time.

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