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Top Digital Marketing Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

by Team Tenangles

The world has evolved, and there have been some drastic changes in the way people live their lives. Technological advancement and digitalization are omnipresent. Our day-to-day life and even the most minor thing we do are governed and dominated by the digital world.

With start-ups in India soaring new high, digital media platforms have been playing an inevitable role in helping modern-day women entrepreneurs to reach out to maximum clients and customers for their business. Be it social media marketing, SEO, or content marketing – everything has gone digital. Surviving this digital competition is not at all easy.

Generating ROI is essential is the primary goal of any business. Thus, the challenge is to use the right digital marketing tools in the right direction. Unless you know the right set of digital tools, you cannot give your business the much-needed leap. If you are a woman working from home and wondering how to achieve successful and promising results, reading further would help you.

Here is a list of digital tools that can help women entrepreneurs who want to carve out a niche in this emerging digital world.

WhatsApp or Email

Nothing can beat how a woman entrepreneur can promote her business using platforms like Email and WhatsApp. Use tools such as Madmimi and MailChimp, among others, to send and share details such as discounts and new product releases to the subscribers. You can use WhatsApp to showcase your products by sending messages to a targeted audience or by joining WhatsApp groups as low as 25 paise or 20 paise and generating traffic for your website. You can promote your products by sharing images on WhatsApp.


Well, if you want to go digital, you need to have a website that becomes the face of your company, its products, and its services. It helps in promoting products and creating awareness about them. Make sure you have a responsive website that is UX-friendly with a product-related theme and color. Online visitors are short on patience.

If your website takes too long to load, you might end up losing potential customers. It should load within a fraction of seconds. Try to have an informative website that provides a glimpse into your brand’s world. The content should be relevant so that users visit it again and again. When it comes to blogs, the word limit should not be less than 600. Keeping it short and simple is the key to attracting visitors that can be potential customers.

A blog should give subtle details about your products and services. We strongly suggest using SEO-related keywords and phrases. Your content should be created so that a visitor finds it compelling to read. Though SEO takes four to five months to generate results, you can be assured of quality traffic to your website. For an E-commerce website, payment processes should be hassle-free. All in all, you have to make your website journey likable.

Social Media

Social media platforms have given an edge to women entrepreneurs who are starting businesses or working from home. Through platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can spread the word about your business. Updating social media handles regularly is of great importance. Posts related to your products help in engaging customers. Post valuable and meaningful content as it will help you draw the attention of more and more visitors.

The best way to do so is by creating a social media calendar, as it helps keep track of posts. Users love engaging in short and exciting contests. Such contests help in engaging customers. You will find an increase in your followers and help you get more visibility for your business. Posts should be in sync and integrated with the theme of your product. All your profiles across social media platforms should be updated regularly with the latest information. After all, you do want to build credibility, don’t you?

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For instance, the post you write on Facebook should be related to Twitter and Insta pictures. You can get more followers by cross-linking these profiles. Do not forget to use tools such as Hootsuite and TweetDeck for proper maintenance of your social media handles.

There is more to your social media marketing – interact with business groups similar to yours on several social media platforms. For instance, several women entrepreneurs groups on LinkedIn and Facebook provide your business with a platform for promotion. Also, this helps get access to more helpful information for your business.

Mobile App

With the increasing dependency on smartphones, it is now possible for an emerging woman entrepreneur to reach out to the targeted audience through mobile apps. Get an app developed for your business and products. In an era where maximum people use a smartphone, it can help you earn high ROI.

Paid Advertising

Those who have been a part of the digital world might be well aware of the benefits of paid advertising. You can boost relevant posts and updates on social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to the targeted audience and attract the attention of relevant and potential customers to your website. You can also choose to promote your products on a barter basis with the sites dealing in a similar domain.


Surviving competition in this digital world is not easy. However, you can carve out a niche for yourself and your business with the right blend of proper tools. With the advent of social media platforms, women entrepreneurs in India can take their business to the next level. If used wisely and smartly, digital marketing can be a boon for women entrepreneurs.

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