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Vastu For Bedroom, Simple Vastu Tips For Peaceful Sleep

by Team Tenangles
Vastu for bedroom

Tips for Bedroom Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an old Hindu system of architecture that combines the five essential elements of nature and balances them for the betterment of life. Proper Vastu can bring good health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness to the lives of people living there.

Importance of Proper Bedroom Setting

A bedroom is a place of total relaxation and privacy. This is where we retire after a hectic busy day to relax and have a good sleep. The bedroom is one of the essential rooms in the house, as we spend almost one-third of our life in the bedroom.

A night of good sleep in a deep subconscious state of mind is crucial, and it affects both positively and negatively as the energies are very high. So it is essential to realize the importance of a bedroom as here the body is exposed to all contaminations, stresses, and energies for continuous long durations.

Bedroom Design

It is essential to plan and design the bedroom in the best manner because it can solve one-third of the problems. Every tiny detail of the bedroom should be well thought out, well planned, and then executed accordingly. The location, style, design, theme, color, the aroma can vary with age, psychology, and requirements of the occupants.

Important Tips

  • The bedroom needs natural sunlight of around 150 lux
  • Sound levels in the bedroom should be less than 70 decibels
  • A room should not suffer from electromagnetic congestions, geopathic stress, and environmental aggression
  • It should have adequate cross ventilation
  • Furniture in the room should be at a distance of 4 feet from the wall
  • A bed should not be placed below a hanging beam or a loft
  • The metal bed must be avoided
  • Ideally, the shape of the bedroom should be rectangle or square
  • All angles should be 90 degrees

General Tips

  • Ideally, the head of the family should keep their bedroom in the southwest of the building as it ensures stability, strength, domination, and comfort
  • Teenagers may reside in the north or east of the building.
  • Guests of any age group can accommodate in the northwest or north
  • The main bedroom should be used by the married couple only, and it must be more prominent than other bedrooms
  • East and north walls are suitable for windows
  • The entrance door of the main bedroom should be on the east, north, or west walls
  • Avoid entrance in the south wall
  • Head while sleeping should not be towards the north
  • Mirrors should be avoided in a bedroom
  • Do not place God-image in the bedroom


The internal environment of the bedroom should ensure mental comfort and relaxation for the user. It should ensure deep blissful sleep and a feel of personal space where the occupants can enjoy their privacy. To create an appropriate mood in the bedroom, perfect COLOUR, DESIGN, DECORATION, AROMA, MUSIC, LOCATION, PLACEMENT ETC should be done.

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