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What is Vastu Shastra and Types of Vastu Shastra

by Team Tenangles

Vastu Shastra is a basic science of the architecture of any structure. It distributes its influential presence using five natural elements, i.e. Vayu, Jal, Prithvi, Akash & Agni, but this has to be in a nice balance to allow maximum energy out of it, and this is the reason why it is often regarded as a natural science to redefine our existence.

Although Vastu Shastra became more popular recently, it has roots connecting it to ancient times. There was a time when people hardly paid attention to Vastu, but the trend is changing now as, daily, we encounter several challenges & hurdles in our daily lives. Little did we know that this is because of the negative energy associated with our surroundings which causes the damage.

This blog will read more about Vastu Shastra as it is not about offering prayers. It is all about making the right changes in our surroundings to open the door of fortunes for ourselves and our families. Let’s go deep in that and elaborate, but attention! Vastu is not about offering prayers to the idol. It is all about making a pleasant atmosphere and opening the door of fortunes. A home buyer has some flexible needs where Vastu holds a unique place. No matter how much is the investment, Vastu can’t be forgotten.

Type of Vastu Shastra

Residential Vastu 

This is the most important part of our lives and is the most requisite & and elementary part of our lives and key aspects & offer blessings that hold significance to clear hurdles so that it brings worldly pleasures to your doorstep. Every aspect of the house is taken into consideration.

Often in our daily life, we encounter different situations and in the practice of criticizing our destiny. It brings miraculous results if practiced as per the defined instructions.

Office Vastu 

Vastu of office has become a hot trend and requires good research work and overview of it. Nothing can be more promising if the surroundings of the office are in exact shape. It is where you spend most of the time startup giving wings to your business ambitions.

Suppose the setup in the office is not appropriate as per Vastu guidelines. It is considered auspicious to plant a hot plant. Office Vastu is effective for attracting wealth and reducing negative energy. It includes several points such as right office setup, slope direction of various departments, the position of office desk, etc.

Commercial Vastu 

Vastu brings cosmic energy to the site, building, plants, etc. It’s about making a friendly environment for people that augurs well for business and deviating from all the sources to make a prosperous environment. It should bring money and prosperity. Over the years, it had gained popularity like never before, unlike ancient times when people considered it just a superstition.

But the time has changed dramatically, and it is the basic elementary requirement. It keeps the business in good health and acts as a shield against business from a total collapse in tougher times.

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